About IZEV


We are a non-governmental organization that is conducting studies that will make the society deem the mentally handicapped as different individuals, for preparing them for an independent life and make them ready to be in every aspect of life.

Our main motto is “We are in every aspect of life!” and our slogan for achieving this is “The walls that need to be pulled down are those in the minds!”

IZEV (Istanbul Education and Solidarity Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped) which was established as a foundation in 1989 and structured as a legal entity in 1997 was founded by Board of Trustees who have mentally handicapped children.

IZEV constituted its studies towards the children, teenagers and adults in need of special education since its establishment. IZEV has been the founder and supporter of Saadet Primary School and Vocational Education Center which is providing rehabilitation and therapy to the mentally handicapped children in the age range of 0-25. The mentioned rehabilitation and therapy center and sheltered workshop building was constructed and donated to the public by our foundation and foundation members. The school building was pulled down by the Special Provincial Administration in 2011 may due to the earthquake risk, after that it was reconstructed within the framework of a more comprehensive project. Around 250 children who were taking education in that school were directed to a half-time school nearby and in this way, the sustainability of education is achieved.

On the other hand, IZEV Rehabilitation and Therapy Center was moved to our campus in Sariyer due to the difficulties of being in the construction site and around 150 children who were residing in the neighborhood of Mecidiyeköy were left to a and therapy center which was also established by the personnel.

Today IZEV Foundation is continuing its in-house activities in the Independent Life House that is located in Sariyer, Tarabya. This building is also used as the Foundation Center. The foundation which has been located in Sariyer since 2013, and since the same date it has been conducting studies towards preparing young and adult mentally handicapped, ensuring them to be in every aspect of life and besides producing various projects towards generating more public welfare and continue to be in contact with local administrations, General Directorate for Foundations, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

Sustaining its activities in the fields simultaneously, IZEV is;

  • Conducting international awareness projects in a way to raise awareness in the society towards the mentally handicapped
  • Preparing the different young individuals to life with the services it provided in the Independent Life House
  • Supporting the labor force participation with vocational training and employment areas
  • Providing informative services in its own filed to all segments of the society.

The main philosophy and mission of IZEV is to provide happiness environments to different children, teenagers, and adults together with their families at sufficient quality standards, create environments that are compatible with human dignity to the handicapped individuals who lost their parents  where their health and rights will be protected and where they will not be isolated from the society without any profit motive, and when doing this raise awareness in all the individuals of the society and settle  the notion of social responsibility.

There are 2 conditions for these individuals to restructure themselves:
First of all, they must participate in the proper education and support programs uninterruptedly with their parent since their birth and apart from this, each individual in the society must behave approach these individuals properly. İZEV is conducting civil society initiatives and education and employment projects that can yield all these results, preparing different individuals to the society and preparing the society for them.