IZEV History


It was established in 1989 with the name RAM-Charity for Children in Need of Special Education and it changed its legal structuring to a Foundation in 1997. IZEV’s education and rehabilitation activities can be summarized as follows:

Saadet Primary and Business School: It started to run as an association and between the years 1989 and 2000 IZEV ensured the pilot low class scheme within the structure of existing primary schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education and ensured 25 mentally handicapped children to start education with this structuring.

The inadequacy of addressing the state of being mental handicapped through pilot schemes is shared before the Ministry of National Education and an existing primary school is allocated to special education with the agreement and approval of Ministry’s Special Education Guidance and Counselling Services. In this way, it sustained its studies in the Saadet Primary School which became active in 2000 and was affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, and since it is determined that the main building of the school is carrying the risk of earthquake in the assessment carried out by the ministry after the 1999 earthquake, it was pulled down by the Special Provincial Administration.

The building of the school is being reconstructed by the Special Provincial Administration, and right after the destruction, the children the student of the school were directed to the schools which we restructured according to double shift schooling and 60 students taking rehabilitation service in 0-6 age range and 120 students who are older than them are directed to a center in Mecidiyeköy in order to ensure the sustainability of rehabilitation.

Saadet Business School Building which was constructed IZEV in the same physical field in line with the earthquake regulations and donated to the public in 2002 has suspended its activities permanently because of remaining outside the definition “protected area” due to the construction environment. We are feeling the sorrow this permanent suspension and at the same time taking justified pride of giving service to 430 children in this center apart from 15 children of foundation.

As IZEV, we have been and breaking the ground with the initiatives we undertake and with the activities we have started since our establishment and we are trying to systematize these activities.

Our foundation is conducting its activities from Independent Life House in Sariyer now. We are conducting activities and projects for different adult individuals to socialize, professionalize and participate in the economic life, make contributions to the culture and art environment in line with their special abilities they improved, and also the transformation of the negative perception which each individual in the society has against the different individuals and we give consultancy support within this framework to various institutions and organizations.