IZEV in the Future


IZEV’s goals for the future are determined as follows;

  • Giving the education, rehabilitation and caring services in accordance with the international standards in the mentally handicapped category, also “support and service”
  • Ending the discrimination in the all aspects of life through raising the awareness and consciousness of the families of the mentally handicapped individuals and the third parties.
  • With reference to the fact that a mentally handicapped person has the same rights with an ordinary individual, taking to provide them an honorable and independent life as a goal and acquire a dynamic structure in order to comply with this goal in line with the contemporary requirements.
  • Constituting units in which there are proper conditions for life for those who may not improve independency due to the extent of mental disability to survive.
  • Ensuring the integration of mentally handicapped to business, sports, cultural and art life.
  • Being the voice and spokesperson of different individuals and their families, announcing their problems and requests to the public.
  • Encouraging all the individuals from every walk of life in our country to voluntary works.
  • Giving support to the widespread continuation of the activities carried out by non-governmental organizations for the different individuals and all otherized groups.
  • Conducting projects that will open our country up to the world in the field of civil society initiatives and disabled rights,
  • Adopting the goal to popularize the motto “We are different and we do exist!” in turkey ensuring a high level of participation of the civil society initiatives, produce projects in line with this goal and realize all the activities towards this projects at home and abroad with international collaborations.

IZEV’s mission in this direction is ensuring all kind of works towards this vision to be in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Human Rights Agreements and Convention on the Rights of Disabled People to which Turkey is also a party.

We want to see maestros, newscasters, public relations specialists, curators and sailmakers out of the mentally different individuals and we will.