Understanding IZEV

It is necessary to look at the past 30 years in order to understand IZEV… One entire generation, so to speak…
When we took the road years ago, millions of individuals we define as “different” today were called cripple.
IZEV was established by a handful of idealist parents who wanted to train their children being otherized in every aspect, grow them as individuals, or maybe just hear them call “mom” in those years. Thirty years ago, let alone being positioned as an equal individual within the society, there were thousands of children, teenagers, and adults who could not be led out to open areas due to neighborhood pressure. Neither a method nor a way was known for training the individual who we nowadays dare to define as “mentally disabled”… IZEV took the road with the belief that a study and an education infrastructure can be established for achieving the “impossible” and towards ensuring them stand on their own feet against the difficulties of life starting from their own children.
The target of IZEV was accepting the existence of their own children, stand to this acceptance and believing that they are neither cripple, nor defective, not even disabled, but just different and realizing this belief. After that, they started to work…
The road they took was such a difficult and a sentimental one… Despite the lack of conscious in the society in those years, it was never easy for IZEV to become a countrywide and next-generation NGO and producing projects that exceed the boundaries of the country. Yet we achieved that!
Today, we, as IZEV, have left raising awareness through efforts such as organizing concerts, charity nights etc. way behind. And since we believe that such events are far from raising any awareness anymore, we are continuing to make contributions through innovation-oriented projects without giving any credit to agitation and being born out of the ashes as an exemplary NGO.

In order to understand IZEV;
It is necessary to continue with belief all the time and explore that the key element of changing the perceptions of someone else is defending what you believe with self-esteem…
There is a need for expressing a new mindset to the different individuals beyond reintegrating them to society and they need to be recognized as “different individuals” without being pitied and otherized just like the definitions we use in order to define a person, just like calling one person contrary, angry, funny, amusing or bad-tempered.
We, as creatures living under the same sun and breathing the same oxygen, have to defend the right of all individuals to live in a special position at equal conditions in the world that is surrounded with prejudices and in which we have positioned ourselves as special.

In order to understand IZEV;
It is necessary to THINK A LITTLE BIT, THINK AND NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE while ego created by the age and vital necessities, arrogance, and the fact that what we possess owns us are surrounding our minds like a poison.
It is necessary to know that the private space of each individual includes a mental scope apart from the space it occupies physically,
It is also necessary for everyone to think that this area is special for the self, and another mind or body does not have the right to dominate or direct this area.

It is time to understand the temporariness of the senses of belonging which lack emotional depth. Since the physical and mental superiorities do not grant anyone to see themselves upper than others, and for different individuals’ right to life, UNDERSTANDING IZEV IS UNDERSTANDING AND EXPLAINING THAT THE WALL IN THE MIND HAVE TO BE PULLED DOWN AND KNOWING THAT THIS IS THE BASIC VALUES OF HUMANITY, REMEMBERING THIS ALL THE TIME AND UNDERSTANDING THAT THE THING THAT WE DEFINE AS DISABILITY IS THE DISABILITY IN OUR MINDS…