Our Ambassadors


We learned the concept of friendship from the young people we serve for.
Since living with them and making them happy first required the purest form of love, the structural form of IZEV Foundation was constructed in a way to give priority to emotional intelligence.
Our aim is to create a living space with exemplary individuals and perform a proper and inspiring work with our friends and voluntary individuals and institutions without generating the feeling of pity.
We believe that; what bolsters the most special friendships is pure good.
Before the material foundation, the most important thing for us when we plan our services and targets are their benefit to different individuals and their compliance with the ethical values that we have been constituted for years.


It is necessary to know that the private space of each individual includes a mental scope apart from the space it occupies physically.
It is time to understand the temporariness of the senses of belonging which lack emotional depth…
Understanding and explaining the necessity to pull down the walls in the minds that are settled in each of us for the equal right to life of different individuals have to take place among the basic values of the humanity.
We would be honored to have you as MASTER AMBASSADOR in our MOVEMENT OF VOLUNTARY AMBASSADORSHIP as a pioneer in the society having this awareness.

We want to reach 10 million people with LIFE AND US project and RIGHT TO LIFE-WALL video clip and aim to establish the first life village for different individuals. In order to achieve this goal, we will organize all-purpose social activities with the theme of awareness everyday throughout the year. The contacts established on the field are crucial for the individuals from every socio-economic culture and age group to have proper and in-depth information about mentally handicapped people. Besides, we should make use of every means of communication, social media networks being in the first place.  We should act in cooperation with persons who have a reputable position before the social perception with what they have done so far and with their tough stance despite various obstacles.

IZEV VOLUNTARY AWARENESS AMBASSADORS MOVEMENT is designed as an upper chain structure that will mediate for us when getting in contact with the society in their environments and give support to us when raising awareness in more and more people.


An AMBASSADOR is a person who represents the values of our Foundation is the daily flow of life his/her stance!


They do not hold charity nights!  They do not sell concert or theatre tickets and/ or magazines. They do not collect donations! They never take part in any kinds of agitation activities! They do not demand excessive positive discrimination!


Generating an equal right to life and life space for 10 million people who are defined as “disabled” in our country in 81 provinces, remove all the negative perceptions and otherizations and establish an independent life village.


The ambassador invites those who them him/her as a model, who loves him/her, circle of business and friends in order to make them reach the same awareness level!

Unfortunately, the services mentally handicapped children and adults can benefit from are very limited outside the big cities in our country. It is difficult to reach the proper information about them within the local culture and the civil society initiatives organized in these regions fall short from raising awareness. For this reason, the ambassadorship structuring is crucial for transmitting the impact of our Foundation and projects to the provinces all across the country.

The ambassadors will mediate for the publication of our support activities in their cities and ensure us to get in touch with the life of many more individuals!

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